How to achieve Amazing catch lights in the eyes

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Photographer: Lorenzo Pickett
Model: Eliza L
Music: “Fell Apart” Produce by Lorenzo Pickett
Slide Show: Animoto
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Light It Magazine published one of my images as the closing shot in their November’s issue, they also used it in the December best of 2012 issue!! Super excited about that!! What a way to end off the year! Go Check it out, and you will see it in there!!

This is some what of an unofficial BTS of my last shoot with model Eliza.
As I mentioned in the video I don’t have the resources to give you guys an actual walk through of how I achieved these shots.
So I put together a short clip then added some photos and explained my layout!!
This set up is dummy proof you really can not go wrong shooting with this particular lighting setup, each and every time you will get consistent results.

5D MarkII Lens 70-200mm is f2.8

Camera Settings:
F2.8, Shutter 1/1000, ISO100 200mm
I constructed the two 4ft Fluorescent banks myself with appliances from Lowe’s 120w each
18in Diva Ring light 500w
I had the ring light for a while but never really used it. I wanted to use the ring light on this shoot but I wanted to use it in an interesting way so I got the idea to pair it with the 4ft lighting banks and it worked so well.

Bumped up: contrast, and vibrancy
Spot healing: to remove unwanted spots.
Clone stamp: blemishes and even skin tones.
Vignetting: darken the outer perimeter of the photo.
Color Adjustment: to get a bluish tint in the color photos.
Sharpen and Clarity: I used this mostly on the eyes to give them definition.
Dodge and Burn: to lighten and darken areas of the photo

RightLight $165

BackDrop $8 a yard

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